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Pantallas Mail Box Productos DatKnosys

Pantallas Mail Box Productos DatKnosys

DKS SmartMail is a Geomarketing solution focus on analysis and optimization of your company-mailing campaigns, taking into account distribution information areas.
The platform is based on indicators analysis with business value in the geolocation system and GeoMarketing, and it is complemented by a detailed business analysis from a control panel related completely with the map and the possibility of exporting the information to reports for delivery.

DKS SmartMail allows:

  • To combine segmentation and personalization techniques based on demand potential areas.
  • To identify areas with greater presence of specific targets, combining existing market information and company information to maximize your return on investment.
  • To incorporate in the analysed territory and competition external sociodemographic data information, expanding the business vision and facilitating decision making.
  • To provide information by zip code, census districts, or other specific areas; combined with loyalty cards getting refine the accuracy of the campaigns.
  • To know the cost of each impact on specific target.
  • To complete geographic visualization with detailed information, arranged in the dashboard.
  • Great value solution that, thanks to the knowledge of the market and the integration of sales performance, segmentation, defines strategies as customization of catalogues, commercial actions at different stages, creation of databases, generation of traffic at the point of sale…

Considers that platform as a consultation and analysis tool so that the company can streamline decision making to marketing campaigns by mail, optimizing the return on investment and improving future processes based on the previous campaigns study and analysis.

On the other hand, it is considered continuous feeding of all kinds of business-related external data, so that at all times can have company vision and analysis regarding sector. In this way the company will have updated information from the environment in which will carry out the campaign, optimizing costs and investment according to the different targets to which it is intended.

Platform structure

The platform integrates the following modules:

Map with own company business indicators:

  • Mailing campaigns carried out.
  • Well-known market indicators.

External data with the territory socio-demographic information:

  • Social class
  • Average income
  • Population (segmentation)


  • Detailed information on the State of the company.
  • Display bi-directional map <> Dashboard.

State reports.

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