Advanced Customer Intelligence

Our clients’ advanced analysis solutions reveal who your clients are, what they are like, how to maximize their value and what strategies you should employ with them:


KPIs - Advanced Customer Intelligence

Get an evaluation of the key performance indicators of your business. You will be able to use them in order to understand what is happening in your company and how some areas are related or affecting others.

Automatic customer segmentation

Automatic customer segmentation - Advanced Customer Intelligence

Get an automatic division of clients in different groups or segments based on their similarities. Depending on the aim of the company, we will group them looking at demographical, behavioral or value variables.

Shopping basket analysis

Shopping basket analysis - Advanced Customer Intelligence

Get to know what the common factor of different purchases is and find out if acquiring one means purchasing another one. The program analyses all possible combinations and highlights the most relevant for your business.

Life cycle of the client

Life cycle of the client - Advanced Customer Intelligence

Get an analysis of where about the client is in its life cycle (gaining, linkage, optimization and retention) in order to use different strategies for each of the groups. You will be able to predict the behavior of potential customers by identifying common patterns in the way they behave.

Strategic customer segmentation RFM (Recency-Frequency-Monetary)

Strategic customer segmentation RFM - Advanced Customer Intelligence

Get the segmentation based on the client’s value and get to know which of them are the most important for your business depending on their last purchase, how frequent they buy and how much they spend.

Deserters and leaving routes

Deserters and leaving routes - Advanced Customer Intelligence

Get the analysis of deserters in order to know what their behavior was just before leaving the company. This way, you can anticipate actions to keep them within your business. This product identifies what some clients do just before disassociating themselves from the company. Therefore, it allows you to predict what clients are in danger of abandoning your company.

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