DKS GeoSmart

DKS GeoSmart is a sales and marketing dashboard that depends on geomarketing algorithms. These are based in spatial variables that analyze the situation of your business taking into account where your customers, sales points and competitors are.

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DKS GeoSmart allow us to study our clients’ geographical distribution in order to see their movements; observe the distribution pattern; know the relationship between where clients are and the shops they go to; see how their purchases are distributed; understand their behavior; have a vision of the cannibalization of our shops, or identify what the best locations are for the future.

DKS GeoSmart solution works with your statistic sales internal data (clients, suppliers, costs,…) and puts them together with external market data (data bases, statistics, NSO, Chamber of Commerce, Town Halls,…). It then puts all the relevant information into a dynamic geographical map with lots of details. Once this is done, you will be able to find out what the areas of impact are and spot what current or potential customers are inside or near this area, or where your potential market is.


Integration with other Business Intelligence systems:
DKS GeoSmart is a geomarketing module to join with any business intelligence software without geographic information. It perfectly communicates information between both platforms so it introduces a new dimension, indicator, to display geographical information and perform calculations and relevant spatial queries for business.
The selections on the map are reflected in the dashboard and vice versa.
You can see an example here.

Pantalla DKS GEOSmart    Pantalla DKS GEOSmart

Pantalla DKS GEOSmart    Pantalla DKS GEOSmart

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Pantallas GeoSmart Productos DatKnosysPantallas GeoSmart DatKnosys

Banking Retail + Franchise
Customer acquisition and product potential demand. New point’s sales openings. Stock optimization considering the influence area.

Pantallas GeoSmart Productos DatKnosysPantallas GeoSmart Productos DatKnosys

Pharmaceutical Restoration
Chemist performance. New distribution point need. Sale’s point competitiveness. Influence area by drive-time, walking-time…

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