We give our clients more prestige by giving them training not just of our products but also of some other products of which we are authorized partners (Jasper, Infobright o KNIME).

DKS_dashviewDashboard training.

Training in the analysis of geospatial information and geomarketing.

Generic training of every module or personalized and intensive training in one specific module.

Training in social networks and their analysis.

Training in analysis and functioning.

Training in geomarketing use applied to mail campaigns.

DKS Financial Analysis

Training in the use of financial analysis.

We also train people to be able to use the products we distribute:

Training in column-orientated database with analytical repository purpose.

Jasper Soft

Training in reporting.


Training in the analysis based on data mining.


Training in the data cleansing use.


Training in graph databases.


Training in data mining investigation.


Training in the social network data supplier.

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