Marketing Analytics

Our Marketing Analytics solutions make the most of your marketing actions in order to get the maximum benefit from each of the strategies you use.


Geomarketing - Marketing Analytics

Algorithms based on spatial variables that integrate internal information of the external market data company. Allows you to analyze the situation of your business using the exact location of customers, selling points, competitors…. It provides information in detail incorporating geographic variable to optimize the marketing actions.


Cross-selling - Marketing Analytics

Complementary product detection to increase customer demand. Consumers’ behavior allows identify the underlying relationships in order to recommend other products to increase their level of purchase.



Considering the products and services recommends customers more advanced or sophisticated products to increase revenue . It identifies products or services to apply up-selling at the right time.

Customer retention

Retención - Marketing Analytics

Analyzing customer behavior to set loyalty actions. It identifies customers almost abandonment and the most effective techniques to hold it.

Deserter recovering

Recuperación de desertores - marketing Analyics

Focused on detection of ex-customers in order to establish common behavior patterns and thus to anticipate des-connection. It detects when a client is going to go from being active possible deserter and allows you to take action to avoid the drop.

Business opportunities

Oportunidades de negocio - Marketing Analytics

The study of all the variables collected shows the relations to detect possible market niches or business opportunities.

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