DKS OpinionGazer





Collect, Enrich, Segment, Analyze, Conclude, Decide

DKS OpinionGazer is a platform of crowdsourcing opinion and analysis through a managed service mode format supported Saas Cloud Computing environment.

DKS OpinionGazer is a platform specialized in processes of participation and their analysis.

  • It allows to public and private Organizations to share their objectives with their users’ community (transparency, open data).
  • It promotes the user’s involvement in order that they finds the best solution to a problematics in a transparent, playful and collaborative environment ( crowdsourcing + gamification).
  • It allows text mining and Analytics technologies orientated to summarize contents, extraction of innovative ideas, concepts relationed and valuation of the feeling that generates an offer in the community (big data analytics).
  • It contributes a differential value in the decision making, it allows to know the point of view of people , the most valued offers, and the demographic profiles (segmentation).

The collective intelligence at your service


  • DKS OpinionGazer will help you to determine the type of product or service that the users wish to have, it will allow you to verify the level of acceptance of an idea inside his community and will allow you to know the demographic profiles according to certain opinions.


  • DKS OpinionGazer will help you to optimize the costs and to improve the processes of management in your organization, will allow you to open lines of communication across all the hierarchic levels of the organization and flow the ideas.

In both situations, DKS OpinionGazer will communicate to your users the idea of that are not simple observers of the events and decisions; that your Organization wants to work with them because their opinions matter.

The virtue of simplicity

DKS OpinionGazer is a platform proposed in format SaaS and supported in environment Cloud Computing.

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