DKS SocialSmart PYME

DKS SocialSmart SME versión is a social media product developed by DatKnoSys. It’s a cost-effective, social media monitoring and measurement tool to listen, analyze and interact with social networks..


It monitor (listen) and analyze everything about your brand in Facebook and Twitter, therefore it’ll interact with your customers.


It’s a software oriented platform to small and medium business due to its simplicity, the facility to know what to listen and the intuitive structure to interpret the obtained results and interaction.


All this is possible, thanks to standard social media business indicators that shows your customers´ values and thoughts about your brand in social networks. Offering a short-term vision how to know and in what situation they´re today and which aspects it´ll be necessary to define a better strategy


With DKS SocialSmart SME versión you´ll be able to:

  • Generate and loyalty your community
  • Identify which are the trending topics of your brand and your market
  • Identify what will be the effects of your promotions
  • Discover the key influencers of your brand and engage them
  • Analyze if the sentiment of the mentions are positive, negative or neutral. (Measure key metrics around buzz and sentiment)

Easy to deploy and manage. Your customers will be able to implement in an easy and simple way our tool.


DKS SocialSmart SME version is commercialized through our specialized channel partners.

SocialSmart Pyme
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