Text Analytics

Text analytics solutions, also known as inverse of texts, are applied to analyze information that users embody so written in different parts of the company: intranet, social networking, blog, Corporate Forum… In order to detect people who are having relevance or topics of interest.

Text language detection

Text language detection

We identify the language of any text in order to reply in a certain way, offer contextual advertising, add sources depending on its language, identify specific text…

Analysis of feeling Multilanguage based on proprietary development based on semantic analysis

Analysis of feeling

We identify Based on semantic analysis of texts, we identify the feeling of the views expressed. The identification is based on the construction of sentences, not in isolated words that can lead to erroneous interpretations.

Relevant topics detection in texts with detection of synonyms and Hyperomyms Multilanguage

Relevant topics detection

We classify announcements and users comments depending on the content and the context based on data mining algorithms.

Automatic text summarization based on lexical chains

Automatic text summarization

We summarize comments (digest) by author and area using text mining techniques. The most relevant fragments are located, sorted and produces the summary.


– Texts and commentaries analysis.

– Most influential and active authors identification.

– Relevant messages detection.

– Feeling classification messages.

– Data review, validation, and sending reports.

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